About The Company

With more than 600 mobile operator partnerships in Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa and a varied distribution channel spanning over 250,000 locations in the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East, Prepay Nation is a rapidly growing fintech company that facilitates the transfer of mobile airtime and data across international borders. Prepay Nation operates an efficient flexible, market-leading platform that helps its partners increase customer base and revenues.

Our Core Business Values

For immigrants, sending financial help back home can be expensive.

Prepay Nation leads the way to enable sending small values in the most efficient and effective way.

Airtime Remittence
X Border Utility Payments
Cash to m-Wallet
Productized Remittance

How it Works

We connect global mobile subscribers into our hub and enable them to receive digital credit instantaneously and without any cost from anywhere in the world. Our hub interconnects digital banks, prepaid airtime distributors, processors, cross border marketers, financial services providers, digital content resellers with the mobile operators around the globe.

Our Huge Network of Partners