March 15, 2016

Prepay Nation makes Glo Ghana airtime available abroad

Glo Ghana subscribers can now have their phones topped up by friends and family worldwide

Berwyn, PA, March 15, 2016 — Prepay Nation, a leading provider of cross-border prepaid mobile airtime transfers, has announced the availability of Glo Ghana airtime on its platform, integrated with retail networks across North America, Europe and the Middle East.

There are over 400,000 Ghanaians living abroad in countries like the US, UK, Canada and the Netherlands. Those expatriates send over $125 million home every year, to support their friends and family. Now, in addition to traditional remittance – which is often fraught with geographic challenges and high transaction charges – Ghanaians can pay for their loved one’s phone connectivity instantly and without any fees, all from the convenience of a corner shop or grocery store wherever they live.

With over 520,000 subscribers, Globacom is the newest arrival on the Ghana telecom scene. Their focus on offering bundled voice and Internet services, particularly in areas under-served by other operators, has resulted in steady growth and consumer appeal throughout the country. Not only do Glo subscribers enjoy some of the best services and rates in the market, but now they can also reap the rewards of this cross-border top-up network that connects them to a fast and convenient method of financial support.

“The beauty of this offering is that it empowers emigrants who would otherwise struggle to find a feasible way to get money home to their parents, spouses, or friends, without losing a large percentage of it to transfer fees and forcing their loved one to take an inconvenient and possibly dangerous trip to a cash-out location,” said Herve Perrin, VP of Business Development for Prepay Nation. “This service gives them the ability to stop in to a convenience store with cash, and instantly transfer that value into airtime on their loved one’s phone in Ghana. No fees, no waiting, no bank account, no travel, and no better way to offer support.”

“This is exactly the kind of full-service option that we pride ourselves on bringing to Ghanaians,” commented Babalola Tunde from Glo Ghana. “We offer our subscribers the best in connectivity, whether that be to the internet, the voice network, or their loved ones in countries around the world. We’re pleased with how seamless the integration with Prepay Nation was, and look forward to using their platform and network to the best of our subscribers’ advantage for many years to come.”

About Glo

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