December 29, 2009

Prepay Nation Introduces “Refill by Handheld” Enabling Retailers to Sell Airtime Using Their Mobile Phones

Agents can sell International top up anytime anywhere by the click of a few buttons on their mobile phones

PHILADELPHIA, December 29, 2009 – Prepay Nation, a leader in b2b e- commerce systems for distribution of prepaid wireless airtime, has announced the addition of Refill by Handheld to its platform, which enables retailers to sell International Top Up (ITU) from the cell-phone by sending a SMS. This new functionality will not only help the existing airtime retailers, but will also help generate a new breed of adaptable vendors in the form of mobilized dealers who have a cell- phone and wish to re-sell airtime to their friends, peers, and customers from their own communities.

Prepay Nation’s platform is designed to sell wireless refill airtime in an electronic format. In the past, retailers have typically used web portal, self-service kiosks or credit card terminals to sell wireless airtime. With the introduction of Refill by Handheld, it will allow the retailer to use his mobile phone device to sell wireless refills, including ITU. It is a user-friendly approach, whereby the retailer sends a text message with the operator code, subscriber’s phone number, and the dollar amount to be applied in Top Up. Once the transaction is complete, the retailer receives a SMS confirming that the credit was applied successfully. The entire transaction is hassle free, and takes less than 30 seconds to complete. Apart from fast turnaround, the transaction is secure; the retailer’s mobile phone has to be pre-registered with the platform and pin code assigned for Refill by Handheld transactions.

As the only requirement to re-sell airtime is a mobile phone with SMS capabilities, this technology will reduce the entry barrier for individuals who want to get involved in the sales of wireless refills. This is particularly beneficial for ITU as it will enable individuals, who are well connected within their communities, to send airtime without any required infrastructure. The individual with the cell-phone will become a portable POSA terminal with the capability to sell airtime anywhere anytime with the touch of few buttons on his cellular device.

“International mobile operators will love this capability because Refill by Handheld will allow their retailers to reach the places where their targeted Diaspora gathers such as places of worship, community events, and athletic events. They will be able to sell airtime without the hassle of literally setting up shop” said Steven Ascher, CEO of Prepay Nation. “For instance, an individual with his mobile phone can stand outside a Haitian Church on Sunday morning and can sell Top Up to the members who want to gift or donate airtime to their loved ones back home,” Ascher added.

Prepay Nation’s innovative offering is a game changing feature which will not only bring ease and convenience to the sales of airtime, but will also increase the profitability and the reach of the wireless airtime retailer–ultimately increasing sales for Prepay Nation’s partners.