Ozone Wireless and Prepay Nation announce an airtime partnership

“Digital Channel for Ozone Top-up to be launched on the Prepay Nation platform on a white label basis”

Berwyn, PA, & St Michael, Barbados, March 21, 2018 Ozone Wireless, Barbados’ first 4G LTE- only telecommunications provider, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Prepay Nation to distribute the Ozone prepaid mobile airtime globally.

“It is now much easier for members of the Barbados Diaspora to top-up the phone of a friend or relative back home” said Colin Benjamin, Director of Online Channels at Prepay Nation, a Pennsylvania based company with many years of experience in the airtime remittance industry.  “Furthermore, Barbadians travelling abroad can now add credit to their phones from virtually any retailer that currently sells mobile top-up in North America, Europe and elsewhere. In addition, they have the option of directly recharging online via ozone.etopuponline.com, an ecommerce website that is  powered by Prepay Nation. We are extremely pleased to be the International Mobile Recharge Provider for Ozone Wireless.”

“This partnership with Prepay Nation is just one more step we are taking to ensure that we are improving the overall experience that our customers, and their well-wishers by extension, have with Ozone.  Convenience is very important for today’s consumer and we are committed to delivering this to all of our valued customers”, said Erma Clarke, Ozone Wireless, Head of Product Management. “In 2018 we will therefore be further expanding our payment and recharge channels to ensure that our customers have more time to enjoy the things that matter most to them.”

About Prepay Nation

About Prepay Nation

Prepay Nation is a growth company in the business of distributing international top-ups using its proprietary software platform, the prepaid mobile ecosystem and an extensive set of retail, online and mobile channels. With over 220 mobile operator partnerships in 95 countries and diverse distribution channel spanning over 175,000 locations in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Middle East, Prepay Nation provides a valuable service to expatriates who financially support their loved ones back home. Prepay Nation’s unique business model, scalable multi-currency processing platform, and global interconnectivity with mobile operators and other digital service providers, provides instantaneous and no-fee transactions for consumers and a significant revenue opportunity for distributors. 

To read more visit www.prepaynation.com

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Lucas Brasil


About Ozone Wireless Inc.

About Ozone Wireless Inc.

Ozone Wireless Inc. is a licensed mobile telecommunications company headquartered in the Caribbean, on the island of Barbados. Founded in 2011, the Ozone team has built Barbados’ first 4G LTE-only network to create a distinctive, alternative mobile experience, beyond the imagination of our customers and financial success for our business partners.

We make life easier for our customers by helping them get the most out of their mobile devices, offering outstanding value from the services we provide through our retail stores, distribution channels, Ozone apps and website.

To read more visit www.ozonewireless.com

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Dianne Squires




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