CANTO 2018 – Beyond Airtime, Mobile Enabled Revenue Opportunities

CANTO 2018, the Caribbean’s premier telecommunications event for industry professionals, regulators, academics and regional governments was held under the theme “Guiding Digital Adoption to Lead the Global Market”. The theme was centered around the digital revolution which is transforming our societies. Operators, suppliers, government and other stakeholders are tasked with understanding and managing digital strategies to drive growth and competitiveness through digital adoption.

CANTO is the ideal platform where the entire ICT ecosystem converges for four days to discuss the latest trends in the industry. The keynote address at the event this year, which was attended by 500+ delegates from the Caribbean, was delivered by the FCC chairman Ajit Pai.

Prepay Nation was delighted to be in attendance at the conference. And our CEO, Anurag Jain, had the opportunity to share his perspective on Revenues beyond Airtime and speak about mobile-enabled revenue opportunities. For the presentation delivered to the Canto 2018 delegates by Prepay Nation, please click here

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