A.J. Hanna, Our CEO is One of the Top 10 Inspiring Leaders of 2022

A.J. Hanna, CEO of Prepay Nation, is a pioneer and a true “O G” when it comes to reinventing financial services for the 21st century. According to A.J., rapidly analyzing a situation and formulating the right strategy to execute is the key to his success. Building strong teams and developing the relevant products and services for partners and consumers insures a win-win-win outcome, every time. Our Partners win through better profit margins and higher customer retention, their customers win because of ubiquitous access and competitive pricing, and Prepay Nation wins because of consistent growth and satisfied customers. A.J. and his team are deeply committed to exceeding their partners’ and customers’ expectations. At Prepay Nation, “We go above and beyond to ensure that our partners are supported 24/7.” He says, “Our clients, who include Global Brands, large distribution networks and e-commerce platforms, expect us to deliver superior products and support so they in turn can engage and delight their customers”. ” Prepay Nation is a market leader in everything prepaid and cross-border micro payments”, continues A.J

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