February 17, 2011

Mobile Solution Firm Indyz Inc Announces iPhone App for Mobile Airtime Refills Delivered Using Prepay Nation’s International Airtime Processing Platform

Agreement to allow Indyz customers to refill prepaid mobile minutes conveniently on iPhone

Princeton, New Jersey, February 17th 2011 – Indyz Inc, a US-based mobile solutions firm specializing in Mobile and M2M Commerce, has announced the launch of their newly-developed iPhone application for international mobile top-up, utilizing the established airtime processing platform of Prepay Nation, one of the leading providers of instant account refills for international mobile operators. The new application, Minutes TopUp, will enable members of expatriate diasporas around the world to purchase and instantly send prepaid mobile minutes to their friends and families back home, using the simple and intuitive Minutes TopUp interface. Currently available on the iPhone, the application will be available on other platforms such as Android, Blackberry, and Facebook, as well as via SMS (text messaging) and various instant messenger services.

The partnership allows end users multiple avenues for sending airtime minutes to those of their loved ones who utilize the prepaid mobile services of any operator within Prepay Nation’s extensive network. “Our entry into the Prepaid Top-Up space with the launch of this iPhone application will not only expand our offerings to our customers and continue the growth of Indyz Mobile Services, but also brings a quick and simple solution for instant mobile airtime refills to the hands of immigrants and travelers around the world,” said Anandhy Kannan, Co-Founder and VP of Products at Indyz Inc. “We chose Prepay Nation for their secure, extensible service platform and for their proven credentials in running platforms for airtime top-ups and refills on a global scale.”

Indyz specializes in Mobile Financial and Productivity solutions and commands an exceptionally large user base with their other smart phone applications, such as SpotExpense, CallTopix, and ping2locate. Integrating Minutes TopUp with Prepay Nation connects Indyz to a broad network of providers, whose extensive global coverage provides a valuable opportunity to create a new revenue stream for the company. “Our seamless integration with the Prepay Nation processing platform, using their standards-based API, enables us to monetize our existing and potential customer base for transfer of small values of airtime from one person to another in a way we would not be able to otherwise,” said Kannan.

“We are proud to align with Indyz,” said Jessica Bishop, Vice President of Business Development for Prepay Nation. “This collaboration continues the expansion of the Prepay Nation network and adds variety to our distribution channels.” Indyz’ Minutes TopUp service is available as an iPhone application in the US iTunes Store, and will be available for Facebook, Android, SMS and online on www.MinutesTopUp.com by the end of Q1 2011.

About Indyz Inc

Indyz Inc is a US-based mobile solutions firm specializing in Mobile and M2M solutions for Enterprises and Consumers. Key Mobile offerings are focused on Mobile Financial and Productivity solutions such as MinutesTopUp, SpotExpense, CallTopix. Indyz cloud services empower the users with ‘anytime, anywhere, any device’ mobile services that can be accessed from iPhone, Android, Facebook, SMS and Instant Messenger. Indyz M2M solutions are available for enterprises in Asset Management and Power Monitoring and Optimization. Key Offerings include ping2Locate, ping2Monitor and ping2Control. For further details, visit http://facebook.com/indyz.apps