If servicing immigrants and unbanked customers is your thing, let’s talk!

Our partners in the financial services sector include Neo banks, prepaid debit card issuers, both conventional and digital money remittance companies, cross-border financial service providers, and the start-up fintech companies extending financial services to cash customers. For unbanked customers, prepaid mobile phones are a necessity and need to be recharged on a regular basis. For immigrants, the use of prepaid mobile phones is the only viable solution for sending small amounts of credit to their friends and family in their native countries without paying extra fees.


  • Incorporate the Mobile Top up as an add on to your services
  • Offer Mobile TOp up to your customers as a free service and still make money from the commissions earned from Prepay Nation
  • Or use this service to acquire & reward new customers for your financial services


A product portfolio with more than 600 mobile top ups to service the needs of different immigrant communities and the unbanked prepaid customers

  • A flexible,market-leading platform
  • A network of over 600 MobileOperators
  • A footprint of over 250,000 retail locations
  • Presence in 125+ countries
How You Benefit

Partnership with Prepay Nation enables you to offer a complementary product to your customers, helping to increase the probability that the customer returns to you on a periodic basis, which then creates additional profit margins from the same customer.

How Your Customers Benefit

A financial services customer is more satisfied if they can buy all their financial services products from one outlet. It increases the convenience which results into higher loyalty.