If your interest is in ethnic distribution, and you are looking to add new profitable services in your channel, we want to collaborate.

Sell domestic and international prepaid airtime at the best rates, with the best partner. With our quick implementation, you can add hundreds of new products to your platform in a matter of days. We can even provide you a portal with your brand which you can use to sign on your locations on the platform. All the services to our ISO And Distribution partners are free and you have access to a professional account manager to help you navigate the sales process in your channel.


  • Get in touch with our Sales team
  • Get set up on our portal with or without your marketing collateral
  • Get trained on the platform and get ready to sign up your locations to sell Top ups


A ready to market top-up portal which can be white labeled with your brand and preconfigured to sell Mobile Top up for 125+ countries.

  • A flexible,market-leading platform
  • A network of over 600 MobileOperators
  • A footprint of over 250,000 retail locations
  • Presence in 125+ countries
How You Benefit

Our partners in the United States, Canada, U.K., Europe, South America, and various other regions are able to expand their distribution channel and access all the necessary tools to sell mobile top-ups in their agent network.

How Your Customers Benefit

The agents and sub-distributors receive an easy-to-use portal to sell more services in their locations and make better margins.