CrossTech World Conference 2023, Miami

8th November, 2023

Author: Janis D’souza, Global Head of Marketing

Category: Events

The highly anticipated CrossTech World Conference 2023 is just around the corner, set to take place from 14th to 16th November at the iconic Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Miami. This annual event attracts global financial powerhouses and the emerging titans of the industry, including trailblazers in mobile wallets, fintech innovators, and more, to converge under one roof.

This year’s installment promises to be one of the largest “Cross-Border Payment” conferences in the region, providing an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to connect, collaborate, and captivate potential partners and clientele. We are thrilled to announce that Prepay Nation, is once again one of the event sponsors for this event. Paolo Montessori, CEO will speak at the panel session on Cross-border Payments in Latin America & The Caribbean, along with Alberto Guerra from UniTeller, Alex Pereira from PMI Americas, Fernando Fayzano from Inter & Co and Paul Dwyer from Viamericas.

Paolo will not only impart his extensive experience at the event but will be available to meet with attendees first hand to explore opportunities of partnering with Prepay Nation. Paolo has substantial expertise in payments, fintech, mobile wallets, loyalty programs, ecommerce, and more.

Paolo emphasized, “As a global technology-driven company, we thrive on adapting to change, fueling innovation, and eagerly tackling new challenges. Our sponsorship is particularly significant as we embark on a global expansion journey, firmly positioning ourselves for the future through the integration of cutting-edge technology and sustained investments in our resources and operations.”

CrossTech will showcase additional team members, including Karen Vogl, Director of Account Management for North America, and Philip Vonk, Vice President of the Americas. Together, these industry experts will collaborate with businesses, providing invaluable insights and sharing the exciting innovation at the core of Prepay Nation’s solutions.

Unlocking Opportunities at CrossTech

As we gear up for CrossTech Conference 2023, we look forward to meeting with attendees, our clients and partners to discuss the most current solutions for cross-border transfers. We are keen to talk about our cutting-edge technology and operational processes that enables our B2B marketplace, offering a wide range of prepaid products, including airtime, data, bundles, e-gift cards and utility payments. During the event, we will be available to discuss the following:

  1. Boosting Revenue: In today’s landscape, users seek seamless, convenient financial solutions that offer enhanced value. For businesses, the more versatile options they offer to users, the greater their chances of scaling and thriving. Prepay Nation is one of the largest B2B marketplaces, empowering businesses to unlock incremental revenue through cross-border transfers from our catalog of 10,000+ prepaid products. By facilitating users to support their loved ones across 150+ countries, Prepay Nation enables businesses to tap into a vast market and drive substantial incremental revenue.
  2. Enhancing User Engagement: In today’s digital realm, capturing and retaining users’ attention is a formidable challenge, given the average attention span of just 8 seconds. Businesses must craft effective user engagement strategies to thrive, and Prepay Nation is ready to support. Our solutions for gaming e-gift cards empowers businesses to reach a wider audience and sustain their growth trajectory. We enable gaming platforms to engage users through exciting on-the-go mobile gaming, allowing them to sell prepaid access passes and in-game currency that users can gift to their loved ones across borders. User engagement and revenue growth go hand in hand!
  3. Fostering Customer Loyalty: Nurturing customer loyalty is equally vital to acquiring new customers. Prepay Nation equips businesses to craft quick go to market acquisition campaigns tailored to consumer’s preferences, making them feel valued and transforming them into loyal customers. Our partnerships with global loyalty platforms, enables businesses not only to acquire users but also to retain them by offering redemption options. This approach expands their client base and fosters enduring customer relationships.

Prepay Nation at CrossTech World Conference 2023

Prepay Nation is set to make a mark at this year’s CrossTech 2023 in Miami, our goal is to enhance regional cross-border payments, making them even more seamless, convenient, and speedy for businesses and the end user.

From our CEO, Paul Montessori, to Karen Vogl and Philip Vonk, our team is eager to contribute to the ever-evolving industry. Schedule a meeting with us today to learn more about Prepay Nation’s solutions.


Janis D’souza,
Global Head of Marketing