Need an instantaneous and cost effective way to reward someone remotely – Try for Free!

Time is money but Airtime and Data is lifeblood to 5 Billion+ Prepaid mobile devices around the globe. Consumers holding these devices are the ones who download the new apps, play games online, fill out surveys, respond to marketing campaigns or are employees working in remote places. By creating an account with us, you will be able to Incentivize, acquire, reward or engage any of these consumers by giving away airtime or data on a real time basis. The value of these credits could be as low as $0.10, as high as $50 or anything in between. However, the account with us is always Free and can be created in a matter of minutes.


  • You get access to our hub by creating an account with us
  • Use our online portal or connect with us using our APIs
  • Feed our Hub with the Mobile numbers of the consumers and the corresponding values you want to credit
  • Desired amount of airtime or data is delivered to the consumers instantaneously


A comprehensive solution and a dedicated account manager to ensure that every campaign you run with us is a success.

  • A flexible,
    market-leading platform
  • A network of over 200 Mobile
  • A footprint of over 175,000 retail locations
  • Presence in 90+ countries
How You Benefit
You can promote your product or services to the consumers in 150+ countries from Nigeria to Nepal and from Mexico to Malaysia by incentivizing them with the airtime or data value of as low as $0.10. A very cost effective and efficient way to acquire customers in remote territories, conduct surveys, reward employees, incentivize the mobile users to download the apps or play games.
How Your Customers Benefit
The person you are rewarding, gets the rewards instantaneously, delivered directly to the consumer’s mobile device. Neither there is a cost nor any effort is required on part of the consumer to receive the reward. Most importantly, the reward can be used by the consumer right away.